Dominic Patawaran, M.D.


Dr. Patawaran is inspired by nature seeing it as a world of balance and beauty. It is both the calm and the storm. It is constantly working to evolve and adapt to ever changing stressors. He believes medicine is much the same way and is passionate about helping you find a sense of balance and health influenced by individual “stressors” that are both internal and external.   

Dr. Patawaran made the decision to join The Clark to support Swedish Covenant Health’s vision to provide innovative care to a larger community and hopes to share his experience of Integrative and Functional Medicine combined with his Conventional Medicine foundation with The Clark Community. 

His Integrative Medicine practice was completed at the University of Arizona Center in a program created by Dr. Weil. The experience there was extremely impactful and continues to leave him beyond words. It was a journey of gaining knowledge, learning to heal, learning to connect with each other as providers as well as patients. Even more importantly, it was about learning to connect with ourselves so physicians can serve patients fully present and aware, not from a place of detachment but rather one of empathy. 

Beyond Dr. Patawaran’s professional life, he takes these lessons to heart in his personal life. Through the passing of his mother, a wonderfully compassionate and hardworking physician and the birth of his nephews, he came to value the importance of self-care, the need for balance, and the true concept of our bodies reflecting the things we do, the nutrients we eat, the stress we carry, and the healing we allow.

You won’t meet anyone quite like Dr. Patawaran. He is very excited to meet you and care for you at The Clark!

Education and Credentials:

Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University

Residency: West Suburban Practice Residency

Fellowship: University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

Board Certification: Integrative Medicine

Specialties: Integrative Medicine

Clinical Interests: Health and Exercise, Meditation and Visualization, Integrative and Functional Medicine, Lifestyle and Exercise